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Teplitz Blitz

Starr’s Chelsea coffee shop might sound like an STD (“Dude, did you hear about Ryan? He caught a nasty case of teplizkys.”) but that didn’t stop your friendly neighborhood bloggers from braving another SRO infection. Named for the original owners of the Howard Johnson that used to stand here, Teplitzky’s is sorta Jewish, sorta Jones. There’s fork-tender brisket, kick-ass kugel and nova lox for days, but also a fine meze plate, pasta and (because this is Stephen Starr, Patron Saint of Squid) fried calamari. The dinerly style is pitch-perfect, from the butter-colored onesies the servers wear with Chuck Taylors to the counter stools upholstered in turquoise plaid fabric. Peep more pics here. Teplitzky’s has only been open a month, and there’s a lot of management hovering happening. The manager came up to our table six—count ‘em six—times to make sure we were enjoying everything, but he was obviously uncomfortable talking to strangers and scuttled away like a hermit crab before we could reply through a mouthful of (killer) pierogi. Someone slip a brother some social anxiety meds. Menu right behind ya.



TUNA TARTARE fennel confit, radish, blood orange vinaigrette $13
PIEROGIES onions, sour cream $10
CHILLED ARTICHOKE mustard aioli $10
CHOPPED CHICKEN LIVER rye toast points $8
MINESTRONE matzo ball, meatball $8
FRIED CALAMARI cherry pepper aioli $10
SHRIMP & CHORIZO QUESADILLA goat cheese, black beam avocado $14
MEZE PLATE quinoa tabouli, roasted peppers, feta, hummus, pita $12


CHOPPED CHICKEN SALAD tomato, corn, feta, red wine vinaigrette $14
SHRIMP & CRAB “LOUIE” tobiko, avocado, cucumber, louie dressing $16
CEASAR SALAD parmesan, hummus crostini $11
MESCLUN SALAD balsamic vinaigrette $8


SMOKED SALMON PASTRAMI pumpernickel, potato-haricots verts salad $14
TWIN CHEESEBURGERS American cheese, frizzled onions $12
GRILLED CHEESE & TOMATO SOUP Vermont cheddar $12
CHICKEN CLUB toasted brioche, Russian dressing $13
KOSHER HOT DOT french fries $9


PETITE FILET MIGNON mashed potatoes, tomato, grilled corn $25
TEPLITZKY’S RAVIOLI buffalo mozzarella, basil, pomodoro $16
BEEF BRISKET kugel, green beans $19
STEAK FRITES 10 oz. NY strip streak, french fries $26
CHICKEN PAILLARD portobellos, arugula, shaved parmesan $16
BRANZINO “MUNIERE” whole, boneless $26
ROASTED ORGANIC CHICKEN jus de pullet, mashed potatoes $18
JUMBO LUMP CRAB CAKES red pepper coulis, herb aioli $26
SIMPLY SEARED SALMON mixed greens, tomato, balsamic $22



all day breakfast

ALL AMERICAN 3 eggs any style, hash browns, bacon or turkey sausage $9
MUSHROOM & CHEESE OMELET Vermont cheddar $10
BELGIAN WAFFLE fresh fruit, whipped cream, maple syrup $9
NOVA LOX & BAGEL cream cheese, tomatoes, red onions $12
CHEESE BLINTZ fresh berries $9



½ GRAPEFRUIT fresh berries $6
FRESH FRUIT SALAD pineapple, melon, berries $6

eggs & omelets

TURKEY SAUSAGE & TOMATO OMELET mozzarella, basil $10
CHORIZO QUESADILLA & EGGS crispy shrimp, black bean-avocado salsa $13
THE BIG LEBOWSKI eggs, grilled kielbasa, sautéed peppers, onions $9
TEPLITZKY’S SANDWICH croissant, ham, cheesy eggs $12
EGGS BENEDICT Canadian bacon, salmon pastrami or grilled tomato $14
WESTERN OMELET grilled ham, roasted peppers, scallion $11
NOVA LOX $EGGS sautéed onions $14
MUSHROOM & CHEESE OMELET Vermont cheddar $10
THREE EGGS ANY STYLE, hash browns, bacon or turkey sausage $9
STEAK & EGGS grilled 5 oz. NY strip steak, tomatoes, Sicilian oregano $16

pancakes & such

HOT APPLE PANCAKE sweet mascarpone cheese $10
BELGIAN WAFFLE fresh fruit, whipped cream, maple syrup $9
STUFFED CHALLAH FRENCH TOAST cinnamon cream cheese, berries $10
SWEET CREAM BUTTERMILK PANCAKES blueberries, bananas or chocolate chip $9
NOVA LOX & BAGEL cream cheese, tomatoes, red onions $12
CHEESE BLINTZ fresh berries $9

healthy choice

PROTEIN SMOOTHIE vanilla or chocolate flavored $5
CHILLED CANTALOUPE fresh berries $8
IRISH OATMEAL steel cut oats, brown sugar, fresh berries $7
MUSELI yogurt, banana, apple, raisin $9



DELICIOUS COFFEE bottomless pot $4


I Guess Now We're Happy We Didn't Think of That

The alleged closing of U. City cereal bar Cereality—thanks for the heads-up, Drew Lazor et T. Popp—has us drowning our blues in Booberry. How we’ll miss this wacky wonderful place. Hot bubbling Strawberry Fields oatmeal made to order. Saturday morning cartoons on the flat-screens. Malt balls bobbing in bowls of Kix. Cereality was the reason we never made it to Huntsman Hall on time for Marketing-001. The staff wore striped PJs emblazoned with ‘Captain of Crunch’, now they’re out of a job. Allegedly. Those folks were doing God’s work. Where’s the love?

Worry not though, cereal addicts. You can still get your fix at ice cream parlor Scoop DeVille. Pick your ice cream or yogurt. Pick you mix-ins (including Cocoa Pebbles and Golden Grahams). The blend is then loaded into a giant mechanical mixer that churns out your selection as a custom flavor. At Phileo, Philly’s answer to Pinkberry, shower your top your fro-yo with Cap’n Crunch with abandon. At 49 cents an ounce, feel free to load the shit up.

10 Arts’ dessert menu features candied Rice Krispies scattered across its Tastykake-inspired dessert, a gooey chocolate-caramel-peanut tart served alongside a scoop of peanut butter Kandy Kake-enriched ice cream. Dainty desserts are the highlight at Continental Midtown, where the coconut-lemongrass soup filled with jewel-toned tapioca pearls really looks—and tastes—like the cereal it’s named for: Froot Loops! Not to mix cereal mottos, but they’re grrrr-eat.


Restaurant Paparazzi: The Chelsea

Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa. There are moments in life when you realize, Nothing will be the same from this point forward. In the timeline of Atlantic City, those pivotal moments occur on occasion: the first time we set foot in Borgata; first but of banana cream pie at Chef Vola; and now, earlier this week, when we walked into the lobby of Curtis Bashaw’s boutique hotel The Chelsea. Dude, after this, nothing will be the same.

Located on Chelsea Avenue in the historic Chelsea district that straddles Atlantic City and Ventnor, the hotel rises like a limestone beacon bathed in ultraviolet spotlights. A rinky-dink Days Inn blocks Boardwalk access, so the front entrance is actually on the side of the building, half-a-block down from Starr’s Teplitzky’s anchoring the corner of Chelsea and Pacific. Revolving glass doors spit you out into a snug lobby decorated with mirrored walls, Grimace-purple sofas, cow patterned chairs and book-lined shelves and a fireplace built into the brick wall.

Go ahead; draw comparisons to the Delano, Gansevoort, Soho House. We were certainly guilty, and the lobby definitely echoes the surreal, whimsical, old-mixed-with-modern aesthetic outlined in the Boutique Hotelier’s Handbook. But after actually being in the Chelsea, and taking a trip upstairs to the communal living room called Fifth Floor (a Soho House bite), it’s evident Bashaw has done due diligence.

Old Atlantic City lifeguards, cigarette girls and bon vivants gaze out from black-and-white photos lining the walls. A sleek, modern fireplace flickers in front of a low-slung couch and tweed armchairs. To the left, Chelsea Prime pulls in diners with its mirrored ceiling and curving wall of vertical light sabers.

To the right, the living room flows into a game room with a purple pool tables and vintage board games stacked high on antique breakfronts. Cocktails and Clue?! We’re so down for that. Glass doors lead out to a spacious landscaped balcony overlooking Chelsea Avenue. The billiard room connects to a lounge dominated by a gleaming carved wood bar. Twin hallways tiled in mosaic mirrors spill into another lounge, this one with zebra-pattered chairs, tables for two and another set of glass doors that open onto the pool deck. The succession of darkly lit boites is dizzying, sexy, exhilarating. The ceilings don’t soar and the rooms are intimate and interesting. Touching encouraged, and we don’t mean the fabrics.

Tented cabanas and lounge chairs line the pool outside. From Chelsea Prime’s outdoor terrace, the ocean views are uninterrupted. A huge square bar anchors the other side of the deck, where bartenders spin signature cocktails like The Chelsea (vodka, Prosecco, mint and lime), fresh fruit Bellinis and Dark & Stormies. The pillowy low-to-the-ground chairs are actually folded-up flip-flops, that down-the-shore staple that could be rolled out into one damn comfortable guest bed. Nostalgic moment incoming: We spent our formative summers sleeping on them at our grandmother’s shore house. We didn’t even know anyone made flip-flops anymore, yet here they are at The Chelsea, grouped into seating clusters around tin patio tables that look fashioned from salvages radiator covers. With the salty breeze blowing in, sipping something suitably alcoholic, reclined on a soft marshmallow of Jersey shore memorabilia, it’s hard to imagine a better place to spend a few hours.

Go now, while it’s still quiet—we hear they’re offering inaugural rates of $99 a night while the rest of the hotel is still under construction—and experience The Chelsea for yourself. The hotel marks a tuning point in Atlantic City. Don’t be surprised to see Morgans moving in soon, or Andre Balazs scooping up a dumpy Pacific Avenue motel and revamping it into The Standard AC. Stranger things have happened here. In this town, stranger things have certainly happened.

Photo: blogalicous


Not Now Chifa, I’m in the F*ckin’ Zone

We were barely coming down off the high of Stephen Starr heading into the Broad Street Diner (Score one for South Philly); The Dive dude announcing Watkins Drinkery (Score one more for South Philly); and chirps that Mike Schulson has his eye on the black hole that was Kaizan, when Michael Klein dropped the news (beating A.D. Amorosi by 12 minutes) that Senor Jose Garces is the mystery tenant setting up shop in the old 707. The name: Chifa. The concept: the Peruvian/Chinese fusion of Lima's Chinatown. OMG! Didn’t we just say last week that we could use a Peruvian spot! Garces tells us to expect a ceviche bar, something Philadelphia hasn’t seen done well since the closing of Pasion (sniffle, sniffle). But seriously, our collective brain is going into sensory overload. Distrito hasn’t even opened yet! Still, we likey. Opening scheduled for early 2009. See you in November 2009, Chifa.
Photo: Ian Jenkins, Amada, blogalicious


And Now That We’ve Located a Fresh Pair of Underwear…

Stephen Starr has bought the Broad Street Diner! Holy shnikes! Take a moment to appreciate the momentousness. Annnnnnnnnd moment up. Let the rumor mill start a’turnin’. What will the great Starrship do with the Broad and Ellsworth space? Something Silk Cityesque seems the obvious choice, maybe too obvious (though we certainly wouldn't complain). A Portuguese place might be nice, and South Philly could desperately use an Indian joint, something Starr could certainly pull that off with style. Think Bindi with better food. Tell you what we’d lovelovelove to see… something like Fatty Crab in New York, a Malaysian hole-in-the-wall with a hipstery backpacking-through-Asia vibe. Far East beers. Colonial Brit cocktails. Whole chili crabs served wayyy late into the evening. Oh yeah, we’d go there so much we’d practically be a stool. Or maybe Starr and David Chang’s Buddakan dinner back in January was more than just a date… Dare to dream.
Photo: blogalicious


Chelsea Looks Ready To Go—Not!

A drive-by of the Chelsea site, where developer-cum-hotelier Curtis Bashaw hopes to propel AC into a new era with a casino-free SoHo House-y boutique hotel, shows there’s a lot of work still to be done. Bashaw, who also did Cape May’s Congress Hall and Virginia Hotel, was profiled in this month’s Philly Mag. There’s still a concrete pit where the courtyard pool will be, wiring and exposed steel where Starr’s retro diner Teplitzky’s promises to be the Jones of the Jerz. That’s the sign, 20 feet long and Grimace purple, lying on the curb in tattered plastic sheeting. Get it up, fellas. The first guests arrive in August.

Also downshore, we check out green Gertrude’s in Ventnor, where a dynamite 28-ounce cowboy steak costs almost as much as a face lift—just ask the clientele.
Photo: blogalicious


What’s Doug Rodriguez Been Up To?

Why, opening restaurants in Miami, of course! Blogalicious was down SoBe last week, and discovered a Rodriguez resto, Ola, in the lobby of our hotel, the Sanctuary. Seriously, is it just us or does Philadelphia follow you wherever we go too? We sat at the bar, sipped a mojito, and tried to eavesdrop on conversations in Spanish while pretending to peruse the menu. Rodriguez, the opening chef at Alma de Cuba (and mentor of Jose Garces), has put together a ceviche selection that echoes Pasion, RIP—the one on the left is the Rainbow, shimming salmon wrapped around white corvina and topped with cubes of pink tuna. White soy, cilantro, sesame seeds, orange, lemon, and lime juice finish it off. Also tried a wonderful smoked Florida marlin club cured with vanilla and rum and flaky short rib empanadas streaked with spicy-sweet orange-rosemary marmalade. Can’t ask for better hotel dining.

Photo: blogalicious, Miami411


Chang 4 Chestnut

So there’s been a bit of hullabaloo lately about Mr. David Chang of New York’s Ko and Momofuku Noodle and Ssam Bars possibly (maybe, hopefully, please!) chatting with Mr. Stephen Starr. Last month, Starr had dinner at Buddakan NYC with Chang, Ken Friedman of Spotted Pig, and Taavo Somer (designer of the soon-to-be gastropub in the old Angelina space), and as Foobooz points out, dudes like this don’t get together just to shoot the poo. After a recent meal at Korean/Southern Momofuku Ssam Bar (check that pork belly with razor clam ceviche and pickled mustard seed served with bibb lettuce for wrapping), we’re commencing the CHANG 4 CHESTNUT campaign. Donations are accepted.
Photo: blogalicious